How do I create/edit a Custom Group?

Create a new Group:
Fill out info and choose ‘Custom’ Evaluation….enter sport name
Next you’ll be asked what template do you want to start with…..is it similar to Baseball, Soccer, etc that already exists in the list or do you want to start from scratch (ie ‘No Template’)

Make sure to do this on a computer as mobile phones or tablets can not work well with the objects that you’ll be working with.  You will not be able to go back and edit a Custom Template if there is an Evaluation Event in your list.

If you chose Hockey for example, you’ll see the main Positions listed…each position has a small arrow pointing to the right which will expand it out….to categories…and metrics for each….

You can delete/modify/add any of these….even adjust the postion it appears by dragging and dropping the element up or down in the same area.

Once you hit ‘Finish’ at the bottom, it’s a locked box once you have at least one evaluation in the group.  If you want to modify the template, delete any evaluation events in the list, go to ‘Management’ on the left….’Manage Groups’…..and you should have the option to ‘Edit Evaluation Template’ for your group to go in and change things.

So be sure your metrics are all good moving forward and start gathering data.

Once invited as an evaluator to a group, what can I do?

Download the app onto your device.  If you’ve accepted the invitation and created your account to be an evaluator for a group, log into the app using your email/password and tap ‘Get New Events’.  Any group that you’re a part of will show on the list.  You can evaluate players, take text or video notes, and submit all data up the the website.

I’ve upgraded one of my evaluators to ‘Admin’ status but he cannot run reports or see the data. What’s wrong?

Even though you’ve upgraded his/her permission to be an Admin for the group, they still need to go to their profile and upgrade to a ‘Paid’ account.

No events appear on my app after I log in. What’s wrong?

Typically the answer to this is that the group admin has not created an evaluation event from their account on the website.  Once an evaluation event has been created for a group, any evaluators that have been invited (and accepted the invitation), should be able to view the event in the app.

The event appears on my app, but no players are listed. What’s wrong?

Either the group admin has not added any players to the group or evaluation event, or the app user has removed all players using the ‘Attendance’ button within the app when performing roll call.

The checkbox for each player on the website has not been checked to identify what positions the player is eligible for.

In the app, I try to update the event to the server, but I get an error message “Event does not exist”

Admin of the group may have deleted the evaluation event from the group or removed you from the evaluator list.

When navigating to the website, I get an Error message on the screen. What should I do?

Simply means that your session has timed out, enter ‘www.skillshark.net’ in the URL or hit the back button in your browser to log in again.

I’m trying to perform a Batch Upload into the system and the message I receive says “Error”. What’s wrong?

Chances are the formatting of your batch Upload sheet is incorrect.  Ensure to download a fresh Batch Upload sheet from the website, do not move columns around and pay attention to the formatting of the information in the example player on the sheet to ensure you do it the same way.  Make sure to put ‘X’;s under the correct Positions column that applies to each person.

How do I lock out an evaluator after an event is over to prevent them from changing scores?

From the website, go into the ‘Evaluations’ list and ‘Edit’ the event.  Whichever evaluator you wish to lock out, move their name to the left list.  Their scores will remain but they will be unable to change scores.  If they go into the app to look at that event, they will receive an error message that the event no longer exists.