Rank athletes and create teams based on their results and positions

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Do you use paper forms each season for your lacrosse tryout draft evaluations? Use to quickly and easily gather your evaluation data on a mobile device or tablet and instantly upload the information to the server. This will allow your Lacrosse coaches to quickly rank athletes and create teams based on their results and positions.

Here’s what you can expect:

Advanced Lacrosse Template
Position Class Alt Mid Def Goalies
Categories Offense Defense Toughness Stick Skills Running Personal
Metrics (0-10) Movement
Ball Control
Stick/Body Pos.
Picks Up Opp.
Team Work
Accuracy, Power,
Ball Control,
Stick Pos. Body Pos.,
Aggression, Conditioning

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Sample Lacrosse Tryout Evaluation Reports

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Typical steps when conducting a hockey official evaluation are:

1. Ensure all athletes receive unique numbers. Bib colors are often used during scrimmages, identifying specific positions, or tiering athletes during an evaluation.

2. Perform an athlete role call at the beginning so that evaluators can mark any missing athletes in the Skill Shark app to ensure no scores will be given to an athlete by accident who is not there.

3. When performing drills ensure evaluators get enough time to look at each athlete (ie. Perform 3-4 consecutive ball control reps by a defender before proceeding to the next athlete).

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