Skill Shark Athlete Evaluations has pre-built templates for Lacrosse Officials Evaluations. You can choose our Standard template, or customize your own template for your specific needs.

Standard Lacrosse Official Template
Position Class Referee
Categories Game Management Rule Knowledge and Application,Mechanics Personal
Metrics (0-10) Time Management
Game Control
Rule Knowledge & Application
Hand Signals
Verbal Comms.
Attitude and Appearance

Is this not exactly what you want? Use our Custom Templates.

Lacrosse Official Evaluation Forms Explained

Instead of using paper evaluations forms to handle your Lacrosse official evaluations, use to quickly and easily gather your evaluation data on a mobile device or tablet and instantly upload the information to the server. This will allow your Lacrosse official evaluators to quickly rank referees based on their results and decisions.

Typical steps when conducting a Lacrosse official evaluation are:
– Ensure all officials receive unique numbers.
– When performing evaluations ensure evaluators get enough time to look at each official before proceeding to the next.

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Sample Reports for Lacrosse Officials Evaluations