I am one of the 22 million coaches in North America.  I noticed a couple years ago that almost all coaches across the globe are still using pen and paper to evaluate athletes. As a result, it is hard to do anything with the data. Some coaches take it to the next level (like I did) and make a spreadsheet so that they can run numbers. This does not get around a VERY painful job of of data entry and the errors that go with it. As a result, I created to create a simplified evaluation process!

Register. Add Players. Evaluate.

SkillShark is the first affordable tool of it’s kind. Designed for absolutely any sport, coaches use pre-built or customizable templates to enter player information onto the website. Evaluators then use a mobile app to evaluate, and results are uploaded with the touch of a button. This instantly creates reports and rankings for coaches to use. SkillShark allows organizations to put the pen and paper away for a better evaluation process!

The free app is downloadable from the App Store for iPhones or iPads and from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Evaluation Accounts

With all SkillShark accounts, coaches have access to:

  • unlimited number of groups
  • unlimited reports
  • customizable metrics
  • unlimited video storage
  • unlimited evaluators for free!

SkillShark is currently being used in many sports, including: baseball, hockey, softball, soccer, golf, cricket, ringette, alpine skiing, snowboarding, tennis, and more! Above all, it can be customized to measure any metric or piece of data needed.

Listen to one sports organization who uses SkillShark

Affordability and Ease

Minor sports bodies usually cannot afford computer software packages that cost $3000-5000 per year.  For that reason, I wanted this to be an affordable solution.  Most of these other softwares still do not even allow evaluators the ability to gather data on mobile devices. Start using SkillShark and make the most of your evaluation information!

– Neil Anderson (Founder of SkillShark Athlete Evaluations)