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Top 3 Tips for Athletes Wanting a College Scholarship

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1. Understand the Competition

Often times the athletes who may be the ‘biggest fish in a small pond’ as they grow up may feel they do not need to try as hard because it’s come so easy for them over the years. Attending or competing in national competitions may be an eye opening experience that shows them how much work they actually have in front of them to be the best.

2. Be Humble

No coach or scout wants to see an athlete who walks and talks like they own the place. Showing appreciation to your teammates/parents/coaches will go a LONG way to showing scouts that you are mature and are someone they can work with.


3. Do It Yourself

If you are contacting colleges, scouts or coaches to look whether they would be interested in your talent, be sure to do it yourself. Having your parents do it for you can easily come across that you are not fully interested or even worse, that you can’t function on your own if you are away from your parents.


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